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to the Wellbeing Foundation

The Wellbeing Foundation was founded after a collective call for action to initiate more holistic changes in not only our personal wellbeing, but in the collective community wellbeing and in how we live in relationship with our environment. 

Our aim is to inspire and empower people, businesses and communities to reach their highest potential through living, working and operating in a more conscious, connected and collaborative way. Thus, creating a deeper and greater sense of purpose and meaning to life.

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Our services are aligned with Te Ao Maori, a holistic view of health and wellbeing, known as hauora. It comprises taha tinana (physical well-being), taha hinengaro (mental and emotional well-being), taha whanau (social well-being), and taha wairua (spiritual well-being) Our connection with the whenua/land forms the foundation.


When all these things are in balance, we thrive. When one or more of these is out of balance our wellbeing is impacted.

Start your own personal wellbeing and healing journey by connecting with our services or participating in our Transform and Heal Your Life Program.


What our clients say

The work Jonny and my son have started has made a huge difference to his self confidence and school attendance. He has made many great changes in a very short time. Prior to meeting Jonny there was a real risk that he would not return to school and that he would continue with his substance use. He has now stopped drugs altogether. My son is able to express himself and no longer needs to numb out from life.

- DR Joanne.B

Sea Turtle


The Wellbeing Foundation is dedicated to raising the collective quality of life and wellbeing for all that dwell on this planet, together as individuals, groups, businesses and communities.

We aim to do this by offering transformational, educational and support services through which we may all gain a greater understanding of our true potential to create a more sustainable, natural and harmonious way of existence - in balance with ourselves, each other, our environment and all life that we share this planet with.

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