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Meet Jonny Bear

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"I am dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals to awaken and liberate their souls from their perceived limitations and beliefs, from any past controlling patterns, traumas, addictive habits and behaviours. In this freedom, I then motivate them to discover and express their Greatness ”.

I specialize in guiding those who are yearning for transformative changes in their lives, through my customised holistic health and wellbeing programs and services. Profound shifts can be experienced within just 30 days.

With over 30 years of experience in human transformation, healing, health and wellbeing, I offer personalized programs to inspire, empower and educate individuals. Having overcome a challenging past including many traumatic life events, high stress careers and addictive behaviours, I have grown into a loving, compassionate, consciously aware and successful human being. Now I am here to support you on your own journey towards personal growth, healing and transformation.

Let’s Go – you so deserve this !


More about Jonny

Jonny Bear is the Founder and Managing Director of The Wellbeing

Foundation and the Chairman of The Sanctuary Charitable Trust.

Jonny is also a co-owner/operator of The Sanctuary – a Holistic Wellbeing,

Educational and Healing centre located on a 10acre property in North

Canterbury, New Zealand.

Jonny is a qualified Life Coach, NLP -neuro linguistics practitioner

and Reiki Grand Master. He has many years of study and

practice in the fields of : Naturopathy, Shadow Work,

Spiritual Counselling,  Shamanism and Druidry. 

Jonny is also a Master Chef and creator of Soulfire Cuisine – a holistic way of using food as medicine and lifestyle transformation.

One of the most rewarding and challenging roles in his life, has been working successfully in various “at risk/vulnerable” youth programs - helping many of them to turn their lives around.

Jonny also worked for many years in the corporate world as a commercial and operations manager of large multi-site companies specialising in workforce motivational training, developing exceptional workplace cultures and productivity

Jonny has been a mentor to groups and intentional communities helping them to realign and “re-vision” towards their values, principles and purpose.

SoulFire Cuisine

Transform & Heal Your Life 

Healthy Cooking Masterclasses

Medicinal Benefits of Food

Optimum Living & Wellbeing

Holistic Weight Management

Meet Sandra

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Personal Development & Consultation  ●  Holistic Natural Health & Wellbeing Services ●  Spiritual Development Groups  ●  Reiki Master & Teacher  ●  First Light Flower Essence Practitioner



Personal Development, Motivation & Empowerment

Discover who you really are at the authentic self level. What is the purpose and meaning of your life? Explore the big question “Who am I?" and “Who am I in relationship to my world?” Discover your personal power motivators and how to tap into them. Learn how your body, mind and emotions interact. What are your physical, mental or emotional blocks/challenges and what can you do to overcome them? Learn how to define & and achieve your aims and goals in life. What is the gap between your dreams and your current reality and why is there a gap? What action can you take to close that gap? Learn how to take action and transform your life, including tools and techniques to help you maintain balance and higher perspective when life becomes challenging. Explore deeper into your interconnection with yourself, to others and to the greater community. Discover how to make these connections stronger and more meaningful?

Creating & Growing Exceptional Businesses

Learn the Four Foundations of Success model. Gain deeper clarity and meaning around your vision/mission and how to incorporate it as a living part in every aspect of your organisation. Explore the customerexperience and how it impacts your business. Invest in your people to maximize continued success, return and long term engagement. Learn effective, motivational leadership strategies versus the old management style approach. Create your unique point of difference and why this should be ever evolving. Learn the importance of participation in the sustainability movement so all share in the benefits and collective success.


Natural Healthy Cookery Masterclass

Learn how you and your family/group can safely, easily and economically transition to a healthier way of eating that enhances your wellbeing. Discover why “dieting” doesn’t work for most people & what the guilt/binging cycle is all about. Discover different ways of improving your health through using food; as medicine, for weight loss, to de-tox and of course to enjoy ! Explore different ways of eating & create a way of eating that suits your lifestyle requirements. Learn how to create easy delicious recipes and menus and how best to menu plan to meet your tastes & budget. Learn how to put together a personalised program and timeline to support you and others through this transitional phase.

Optimum Natural Health

Discover the principles of optimum living. Explore the seven body systems and the natural foods that support and enhance them. Take an inventory of your current state of health and wellbeing and create an action plan of improvement on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and metaphysical. Learn about your uniqueness in these areas and how to customise your own self-transformation program. This includes different ways of eating healthily and what way is best for you e.g. food lifestyle change vs the diet merry-go-round. Explore the basic principles of food as medicine and naturopathy. Discover natural healing modalities that support you in your health and wellbeing.

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